Things from the digital World

° s(4,1) orbital
° s(5,5) orbital
° sombrero
° Klein Bottle
° Moebius Band
° ionic5

° ionic5
° skyvase

Some Chemistry ...

° Chemical Reaction (1)
° Chemical Reaction (2)
° Chemical Reaction (3)

... from the PhD Thesis of Filippo De Angelis (paper).

° Chemical Reaction (4)

Notes and Predictions

(September 2000)
  • The ionic5 3D model comes from the Net.
    Unfortunately I completely forget any references
    to the original source and I cannot give the right
    credits (may you help me?).

  • The mathematical models were produced using Tessel
    (Please take a look to The Spherical Harmonics Gallery Page)

  • The movies were created using POV-Ray.

  • The skyvase comes from POVBENCH and it actually
    is the model used to benchmark POVRAY.

    One skyvase complete rotation contains 375 frames
    (352x288 resolution): about 15 seconds at 25 frames/sec.
    From my tests a 2.5 Gflops machine may create the
    frames in less than 600 CPU seconds.

    The skyvase movie was produced using PVMPOV
    the PVM Parallel version of POVRAY, on a Beowulf
    class machine (12 Pentium-II 350Mhz processors),
    in about 10 minutes (elapsed time).

    A rough estimation show that (at 352x288 resolution)
    a 100 Gflops machine may produce 15 seconds of
    animation in less than 15 CPU seconds, i.e. in
    real time.

    Given the Moore's Law (doubling the CPU power
    in less than 18 months) and that the current
    microprocessors are around 1 Gflop, we will have
    real time quality 3d rendering in less than 10 years.


(June 2010)

Well ... it looks my prediction was not too bad ... ;-)